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Youth Leadership Academy

An elite group of youth embarks on a 15-week leadership academy. Scholars develop the confidence and emotional independence to dare to dream. Together, students build a step-by-step pathway to get there, real-time. Scholars learn the skills and develop the determination to follow their life plan to its ultimate end to become productive, successful, fulfilled young professionals. College tour included!

Entrepreneurship Academy

Our hands-on Entrepreneurial academy builds real-life business experience by engaging in real-time business pitching, sales, customer service, product placement, and marketing while learning personal and life skills. This academy is responsible for a real product to be placed on the market to be sold and marketed in real-time while building a healthy business structure, marketing plan, and execution of a strategic plan! Check out our Top Notch Water program to learn more. What an experience for high school kids!

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College Pathways Academy

What next after high school? Our College Pathways academy will map out the path for the most successful educational pathways for students and student-athletes. Learn how to find and land scholarships, understand financial aid transparently, and be empowered to chase your dream with a CLEAR plan all while learning your true value and potential to live a meaningful & lucrative life. Breakthrough the myths of college, success and understand what life is truly about!

Youth Leadership Conferences & Retreats

Top Notch Scholars hosts conferences for high schools across the region. Topics vary by year and are formulated by our youth board! Are you a high school looking to be added to our list of partners? Contact us!
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Goal-Driven Mentoring

Top Notch Scholars provides a unique twist to mentoring. Beyond the small talk of day-to-day happenings of a youth experience and frustrations – Top Notch uses a psychological approach to target the root of stemming issues that may cause anxiety and depression to break through life’s blockage. Top Notch Scholars then do what they do best and that is high-level intentional mentoring focusing on the scholars’ true short term and long term goals, providing accountability, and creating strategies to be completed.

Internship Opportunities

Top Notch places scholars to relevant internship opportunities in order to assist in identifying passion and career interests. Internship sites are partners of Top Notch Scholars and provide not just the internship but mentorship opportunities and on cases by case basis, stipends are available.
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Which Program Is Right for Me?

Let us help you find the right program to make you successful.